HydroClean™ Coolant Filtration System

Removing 100% of solids, super fines and tramp oil contaminants with incredible efficiency, HydroClean systems deliver continuous filtration, eliminating downtime for maintenance while stabilizing key production metrics at their highest levels.


Utilizing patented, five-stage technology, HydroClean coolant filtration systems remove particles to well below 10 μm. Our systems remove particles so effectively your tank will remain solids-free for a minimum of two years—guaranteed. JK Industries also guarantees your coolant will always meet the HydroClean Coolant Filtration Benchmark. These are promises no other filtration system makes.

Specifications and components

  • Three systems available: HydroClean Standard, HydroClean with High Pressure Thru Tool and HydroClean with Magnetic Second Stage
  • Drum screen conveyor removes fines 80 μm and larger
  • Centrifugal separator removes 80 μm fines
  • Sump sweeper nozzle creates continual flow
  • High capacity cartridge filter rated for 10 μm absolute; optional ratings down to 1 μm available.


  • Eliminate coolant tank cleaning
  • Maximize coolant life
  • Extend tool life
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Minimize risks for costly shutdowns and breakdowns
  • Ensure production quality

The unit comes completely assembled and ready for use.

Product Brochure

Download HydroClean™ Coolant Filtration System Brochure

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