Central Mix & Makeup (CMM)

The Central Mix & Makeup (CMM) system automatically keeps the coolant levels at maximum capacity and proper concentration. This eliminates the costly and labor intensive task of continuously topping off each sump with water, waiting for the sump to homogenize, measuring the coolant concentration and calculating the proper amount of concentrate to add to each sump.


The CMM system incorporates a unique process of constant liquid level monitoring of each sump, turning over each sump every ten minutes with the central tank. Additionally, the CMM automatically makes up fresh water, which is monitored for TDS (dissolved solids levels) and controlled to a programmable set point for TDS.

Specifications and components

  • Redundant centinal 20 micron centinal filters
  • DI water makeup system
  • Tramp oil removal system
  • Programmable ozone generator, chiller, and PLC control
  • Oversized HMI Interface (color)


When combined with our HydroClean coolant filtration system, each individual coolant sump will remain constant, controlling the most important coolant properties, including:

  • Coolant concentration
  • Tramp oil level
  • Suspended solids level
  • pH
  • Bacterial level
  • Temperature

Product Brochure

Download Central Mix & Makeup (CMM) Brochure

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